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Pallets & Crate Boxes

At MS Pallets Company, our mission is to provide you with high quality pallets & crate boxes.

Our workmanship and manufacturing capability results in timely delivery at competitive prices. This way you will always have only what you need in your floor on time.

We can build all kinds of pallets and crate boxes. From the standard GMA pallet and European block pallet, all the way to custom made or heavy duty ones.

MS Pallets believes re-using is the best way to reduce our environmental footprint and save money. This is why we specialize in high grade recycled and reconditioned pallets, all made from top quality lumber. Being green can save you some green.

MS Pallets offers you a complete solution for your pallet needs. Everything from quoting, order taking and delivery, as well as salvage and removal of not only pallets that can be recycled, but all timber scraps so your yard is always clean and safe.
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